Kidney stones

3:33 AM


I want with this little letter to express endless thanks to Athenа. She is a very beautiful, very good and excellent healer, for whom the word "can not" does not exist.

I've been suffering from kidney stones for many years. I have went in for a surgery. Then again a stone formed in the same kidney. I went several times to the doctor to break it apart. The stone was oxalate and hard to break. Meanwhile, I learnt about Athena. They explained to me that she was a very good healer, and she could help me, but I did not believe it.

Every night I cried in pain and I could not lay down. I was trying to fall asleep, but it did not work. It would take a long time. As I laid down, terrible pains would begin.
I kept drinking herbs and pain pills, but when I could not sleep I felt very tired and fainted often during the day.

One day after a kidney crisis I was tired of pills and injections, and decided to ask for help from Athena. After I started my treatment with her, I realized that I made a big mistake that I did not come to this lovely person earlier.

I tried to follow her instructions and recommendations and the treatment was successful. Sometimes I may not have been accurate with everything, but Athena is too nice, and she always forgive me. When necessary, we spoke on the phone, which I thank very much for her mother for connecting us.
I've always wanted the phone conversations with these two women to never end. God bless such daughters and mothers like Athena and Reni.

Now I feel good, I have no crises, I can lay down and sleep. I thank Athena for helping me again to feel complete and save me from these pains, from these kidney crises. I already feel great, I'm got a new job, and i drink no pills!

I regret I did not believe Athena could help me. I wish I went to her earlier!

Once again, I thank Athena and Reni and wish them a great deal of health and happiness. They deserve it!

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