Walking again

5:57 AM

My Angel, I do not know what I would do if you did not show up in my life! You gave me my health back, my dreams, and the love to live! I have been a master builder all my life. Four years ago something terrible happened at my job, which brought me a lot of physical and emotional pain. My career was over, but that was not the worst. Walking was no longer easy for me, even after the many surgeries, and the pain in the bones was unbearable and constant. Thank God for making me open the newspapers and seeing your magical face. Something made me call right away, and soon after - visited you in your office. I did everything you told me. Gradually, my depression began to pass.
The pain went away. I started walking easier. Today, I have no memory of the disease. As if the incident never happened. My life is wonderful again, and it's all thanks to you! - Juan, 52, Texas.

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