Back to life

9:49 PM

"I am happy to be the one who brings back the smiles to people's faces" Athena

The legendary doctor of alternative and spiritual medicine saved a 32-year-old man from clinical death.George has been in coma for more than 1 year.Both doctors and relatives have lost any hope that he'll be back.His desperate mom talks to a lot of specialists,but the only answer she receives is:"We're sorry,but nothing can be done."
Finally she finds out about Athena.The woman is crying and begging the doctor of alternative and spiritual medicine to help her son.A couple of weeks later George is back,and after 4 months he is the same full of life man,he used to be before the accident.
The doctor's real name is Violet Elizabeth Johnson.She is born in Bulgaria,but when she is only 2 years old she leaves the country.Athena spends most of her life in the USA,where she gives birth to her children.She came back to Bulgaria a couple of years ago,to help her sill grandfather.
Her gift to heal the most deadly diseases is unique!"I have always been helping the people around me,since I was very little.Back then I didn't realize how I was able to do so.My real gift appeared to me when I healed my grandfather from gangrene.I could see he was dying and used all my energy to keep him next to me.I couldn't believe what I had done,but the miracle was a fact!Since people realized what I am able to do,they have been looking for my help."-says Athena.
She also mentions that she uses the help of three saints,one unknown horse rider and the spirit of her dead maminka(grandmother) to heal people.
The spirit of her maminka appeared to her years ago,telling her to accept the name Athena:The Chosen of Gods.The doctor of alternative/spiritual medicine listened to her words and when she did it,her energy was doubled.
"I use only my hands to heal.I take my patients' pain using my left hand,and remove it using the right one.I use 4 colors,which are my codes,and everything else is up to my assessment about the individual himself."
Athena admits she can remove black magic spells and negative influences,unties the luck,removes the stress and brings back together couples.She is positive she wouldn't ever make a spell,because her children and grandchildren,might suffer from it one day.

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