A new life

9:50 PM

Damien and her baby!

ATHENA - Violet Johnson was born in Bulgaria.She leaves the country when she is only 2 years old.Athena finds out about her unique abilities after she healed her son's trauma.Her gift is to predict the future,remove spells and negative influences and heal with astral energy.
"Her gift is unique"-say her patients,who don't want their names to be announced publicly,because they are scared of the negative reactions."It is typical for people here"-says Athena.-"In some other countries it is completely different-people there would love to be the object of somebody's attention."
One of Athena's prides is her patient Damien Slater,suffering from Cardio-Vascular disease.The doctors didn't let her have any more children due to her illness."Now she has a healthy heart and a healthy baby-Roman,who I call "MY BABY" - says Athena about this case.

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