True miracle

5:54 AM

By this letter we want to show our appreciation and love towards you,Athena.

Your unique gift helped our family to overcome its problems,for which we hadn't been able to find a solution.
I had severe back pain and pain in the right hand.I felt better after the first session I did.I used to have arrhythmia,that stopped immediately and my will to live was back.Your never-ending energy changed me for good.I started to think positive.
Athena saved my husband's life.He was staying in the hospital but none of the doctors could diagnose his illness.He couldn't eat or walk.His condition became worse.We called Athena and after the first session my husband was standing on his feet.He had tumors in his head and stomach.He is completely healthy now.Thanks to Athena,he's living his "second life".
Athena removed all the spells and negative influences and brought back the joy and happiness in our life.
Thank you Athena for giving us the opportunity to meet u and talk to you.Your unique gift,big heart and beautiful smile are a true miracle on this World!Thank you for all the happiness you bring to us,all the people who need you!

Much love,
Dupnitsa, Bulgaria
July,20th 2010

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