The Wonder Woman

6:03 AM

My name is Borislav Opinchev from Mukovets,Montana.I am writing this letter in order to share what I have been through and the way doctor Violet Elizabeth Johnson - Athena,has helped me.
To me,she is the greatest miracle of the World,both in past,present and future time.

I was very sick.I was suffering from various conditions:adenoma prostate,blood in the urine,cysts in both kidneys,high blood pressure,constant dizziness,poor blood circulation,exostosis and colitis.My nervous system was absolutely broken,I was weak mentally and physically.
Then,in one wonderful day,I found out about Dr Athena in the newspaper.After that,I started following the articles about her.
Dear readers,I went to Sofia on October,23rd 2010 in order to get my first examination by Dr Athena.I was very impressed by her reaction and knowledge.Just like an x-ray,she saw the condition of every organ in my body.The appointment lasted about half an hour,when she finally told me not to worry,everything will be fine and we will start with the treatment of the prostate first.
That happened on Saturday.On the next day,it was a completely different picture,even the blood was gone.Now,under Dr Athena's orders I visit her every Saturday.According to her,my chronic illnesses need more time to permanently disappear,but even the dizziness is almost gone.
I am so impressed and excited by the nice way Dr Athena treated me!She is a person with a big human soul,full of mercy and compassion.God created her and gifted her with everything,but she sufferes until the end of the treatment of every single of her patients.
I have been visiting hospitals for over 15 years,and nobody could help me.I forgot about the traditional medicine four years ago,until one day I found out about Dr Athena.This was the beginning of my salvation.There,where traditional medicine is not helpful any more,Dr Athena comes and fixes every problem.One feels reborn after meeting her once.Since I have been visiting her,I did not find a person who was not satisfied with his results after her intervention.She means everything and is the only hope,we all have.In my opinion,we need to turn to her with respect,in order to make her stay and help us for many years to come.
I wish her health,more health and life!May God gift her with happiness and joy just like she does to all of her patients!

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