An angel in disguise

6:00 AM

Violet Elizabeth Johnson was born in Bulgaria.She left the country with her parents when she was 2 years old.

She lived in Italy and the USA before she came back to heal the suffered Bulgarian people.
She has had her gift since she first came on Earth.Her "Sky Doctors" sent her in order to show people which way to go and what is right for them.She is not only a doctor of alternative and spiritual medicine,but a psychic as well,being able to tell all about a person just by seeing him once.Athena has the unique ability to heal from a long distance.To prove that,i will quote one of the gratitude letters,addressed to her.
Radka Tsekova,mother of many,had big problems with her leg.She couldn't do squats or serve her needs.When she visited the doctors,they found out she had a tumor in her leg.They offered an operation and after that - chemical therapy.Being a doctor herself,Mrs Tsekova knew what the risks and consequences of this treatment were and denied it.She decided to turn to non traditional medicine.And then,as a gift of God,she found out about Athena.
"When I first saw her picture in the newspaper,I felt calm and was 100% positive that she could help me.After I called her,she told me what to do and we started the treatment.I was following everything Athena said very strictly.The only contact we had with each other was when I was calling her.Present and Future patients of Athena-follow her instructions carefully and strictly and I guarantee you ,you will be back on your feet in no time!"
Radka Tsekova was healed in 2 and a half months,left without a trace of her tumor!Now she is living a meaningful life again!

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