I could feel her power...

7:14 AM

"...I could feel her power. 
In front of me was sitting the one,who knows everything.

I hurried to leave, because there were many in need waiting outside.
Running down the stairs,i could feel my heart beating slowly and rhythmically.For the first time in many years I could feel the life inside me.I wasn't walking,I was flying!I felt different.Athena changed me for the 5 minute talk i had with her!
And all of a sudden I realized it!
She does not only heal,casts spells and looks into the future.She rites!
Yes,she rites!There,in my oracle.I have no idea how but Athena was there and she was working!
It can't be compared to anything you'll ever feel.
Athena shifts layers of astral fields.She was playing with energies like a little kid plays with his toys!Inside me I always knew she was aware of what she was doing.
Now I understand why there are always lots of people waiting to talk to her.She has the key to everybody's oracle.Athena accepts everybody's pain as if it was her own.
Titanic tolerance to pain had this fragile creature that was sitting in front of me an hour ago.
In the small and caring woman was hiding a giant unseen force..."

Zorbas Nikolasko

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